The referral program is active in UAE, KSA, BAH & India. When using Landmark’s Referral program, registered users will receive credits that can be used across any of Landmark groups E-commerce platforms (Max, Splash, Home Centre, Home Box, Shoemart, Babyshop, Centrepoint, Lifestyle). The credit received can only be used for a specific territory for which the referral is made.

The referral discount is applicable to those users who are registered and who place their first order using this link. The referrer and the referral must adhere to the following requirements in order to take part in this scheme.

The referrer (the person who is recommending their friend to shop on one of the Landmark groups e-commerce platforms) must:

  1. Create a referral link (depending on which brand they would like to recommend) and use the same link for each referral they would like to make. The link does not have an expiry date. Each of our brands hold the right to stop the referral program at any given point, in which case the referrer will be notified via email.
  2. The amount credited can vary from brand to brand.
  3. Create an account with us or sign in.
  4. Receive their credit balance, which gets added to my credits once a referral order has been completed (this will be in line with the return policy in store and can vary from brand to brand). Landmark holds the right to holding back the credit in case the order has been cancelled.
  5. Not be able to transfer or negotiate their credit for cash or any other type of payment.
  6. Transfer of referral credit to any other account is not allowed.
  7. Must reside in UAE, KSA, BAH or India.

The referral (the person who’s being recommended to one of the Landmark groups e-commerce platforms) must:

  1. If they are a guest user, they need to create an account to get the referral discount.
  2. The discount code can be combinable or non-combinable depending on the time and brand that you are placing your first order from.
  3. The discount may be only applicable on a basket value over a certain threshold.
  4. The discount may vary from brand to brand.
  5. Must reside in UAE, KSA, BAH or India.

Please also note:

  1. Landmark reserves the right to accept or reject any referrals that we think are untoward or outside the terms and conditions of the program.
  2. The decisions made by Landmark on these issues will be final.